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​      "Haynes Real Estate"

"the service you deserve"

Let  over 47 years of Real estate Service to Central Louisiana benefit you in meeting your Real Estate needs .

We at " Haynes Real Estate" appreciates the fact that there are many  questions that buyers and sellers have that often never get properly answered until it cost them money and time.

"Questions You Might Have"

1. What  are the things I need to do before putting my property on the market?   

2. How do I know I am asking the right price?

3. What is it going to cost in buying or selling property, 

4. What are the parameters under which the value of my property will be  determined?  

5. Am I required to do the repairs that both the appraiser and a home inspector recommend or require?   

6. Do I need to know the size of my property land and improvements and how is that information Important to value?

7. Is there such a thing as selling my property "As Is"?

8. When Is  it necessary that I acquire an appraisal?   

9. What if  I disagree with the appraised value.

10. What should I do and to what extend should I remodel, add a room, have a swimming pool installed, build a shop or add additional porches and patio areas?    

 If your agent cannot answer these questions call us we can.

                                 Haynes Real Estate